Production and Service

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Spare parts for grabs


  • We provide general overhauls of hydraulic and electro-hydraulic grabs
  • Spare parts for our grabs in stock
  • Claws, bodies, joints, cylinders, piston rods, rotators, bearings

Custom-built production


  • We also produce custom-built grabs and hydraulic cylinders
  • Refurbishment of hydraulic cylinders
  • Warranty and post-warranty service within the territories of the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Poland





Production and Service


Our machinery, design background and extensive experience enable us to flexibly react to your needs.

We offer custom-built production, grab modifications, service.

We strive to take an individual approach. Contact us and we will find a solution together.


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  • Podhradí 78,
       Luhačovice, Czech Republic
  • Telefon: +420 605 242 651
  • Email:

About us

We are direct manufacturers of high-quality hydraulic grabs, which we supply all across Europe. We also provide warranty and post-warranty service within 48 hours and have the entire range of grab parts available. Our family company has operated in the market since 1991.