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KOVOŠROT GROUP CZ a.s. has cooperated with the company Hydraulika Petráš s.r.o. practically since it was founded in 1991. The main area of our cooperation is the purchase of grabs for mobile scrap metal loaders, and the repairs and general overhauls of grabs for crane bridges and mobile loaders. The products and repair work are supplied in excellent quality, within the agreed deadlines and under fair terms, to the satisfaction of our company’s plants.

KOVOŠROT GROUP CZ a.s. regards the company Hydraulika Petráš s.r.o. as a reliable partner and appreciates, above all, their quality, expertise, capability and readiness to solve possible problems.

Ing. Bohumil Klicpera - Head of technical department KOVOŠROT GROUP CZ a.s.

We have been working with Hydraulika Petráš s.r.o. since 2001. We use only grabs produced by Hydraulika Petráš on our hydraulic arms and loaders. The company provides warranty and post-warranty service, general overhauls of grabs, and also supplies us with spare parts. It is a highly trustworthy family company.

Ľuboš Klamo - Executive director P + K s.r.o.

We have had grabs by Hydraulika Petráš in our supply for about three years, and we are very satisfied. The grabs are of high quality and are designed for heavy-duty operation in metal scrap handling. The material the grabs are made of – high-quality Swedish HARDOX steel – is itself of top quality, and together with Swedish INDEXATOR rotators ensures a long service life. The only issue that has arisen during our three-year cooperation was resolved by Hydraulika Petráš in a simple and prompt manner, thanks to Lenka’s and Pavel´s helpful approach. We appreciate the flexibility of this family company; their decisions are swift and efficient. We look forward to many more years of cooperation.

Stefan Wadstedt - Sales Kiesel Scandinavia, Sweden

During our three years of cooperation in France we have not received a single complaint, and there have been zero repairs or other interventions. Our clients are satisfied with the design of the grabs and their fault-free operation. The design of some grabs has been customized to meet a client’s requirements. Another thing our clients appreciate is the complete supply, including the manufacture of a swivel head according to specific parameters of their machines.

Pierre Nevole - Pracor, France

From our long-term experience, I can confirm that the grabs by Hydraulika Petráš s.r.o. used by our company to load scrap metal feature very high resistance to damage and wear. The materials and design used for the grabs ensure a long service life and fault-free operation.

Benýr Václav - Head of truck service TSR Czech Republic s.r.o.

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We are direct manufacturers of high-quality hydraulic grabs, which we supply all across Europe. We also provide warranty and post-warranty service within 48 hours and have the entire range of grab parts available. Our family company has operated in the market since 1991.